Message from the Chef:

"The use of two important ingredients – patience and passion"

Call us old fashioned, since established in 1997, we haven't changed our cooking techniques. Connoisseurs of food, you are welcome.

- Chef Sanjeev

Sanjeev Sethihead chef

The menu contains the sum of my 30-years knowledge as a chef. It is a passport that will give you access to an unparalleled culinary experience, one that will take the art of Indian cuisine to a new level. Although Indian food has a rich and complicated history, the secret to making it is very simple. It is a secret I learned from my mother, the greatest chef I know and the inspiration for everything I do today. In her kitchen, I learned that the best food is always created with love. And love demands that you make no compromises or take no shortcuts. As such, the menu at The Host is a rich culmination of traditional recipes prepared with new techniques and given an innovative presentation. We offer you the purest experience of a rich culinary culture. Our food is made with the highest quality ingredients, and we take the utmost care in the food’s preparation. I trust that you will find the flavours sublime, the presentation gorgeous and the ambience striking. My mother was fond of saying that patience makes the food. It has been 30 years, in the making, but I sincerely hope that The Host has been worth the wait.

Yours, Sanjeev Sethi